Diagnosis aid to treat patients with the most appropriate antibiotics​
Antibiogo is a mobile app that supports non-expert laboratory technicians in low resource settings in measuring and interpreting Antibiotic Susceptibility Tests (AST), to help clinicians prescribe accurate antibiotics.
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Our core principles
Tackling antimicrobial resistance​
Antimicrobial resistance is a major public health issue. Antibiogo helps tackle it, following the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan​
Conform to European directive
Antibiogo is an in vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVDD) according to the European Council Directive 98/79/EC. It is in line with ISO 13485:2016, IEC 62304, ISO 13612 and ISO 62366 requirements. And therefore is CE marked.​
How Antibiogo works
1 - Measure easily
Take a picture of the Petri dish, and measure inhibition zone diameters for each antibiotic disc.
App screenshot: taking Petri dish picture
2 - Generate results
After image analysis, answer guided interpretation questions to generate AST results.​
App screenshot: following interpretation steps
3 - Send results
Ask for a peer's approval or share results directly with the clinician​.
App screenshot: viewing AST results
Antibiogo is fully functional offline, free to use, and designed for privacy.
Antibiogo for laboratories
Laboratory management tool
Customize and integrate Antibiogo to your laboratory.
Designed for privacy
Data privacy is a serious matter for our team. We collect only what is necessary. We also comply to European (GDPR) and French (HDS) standards outside of the European Union.
Partnerships and recognition
Antibiogo is made by The MSF Foundation with the precious support of our partners.
Get in touch
Feel free to contact us for any question about Antibiogo. Send us an email at hello@antibiogo.org.